Collaborative Processes Empowered!

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Collaborative Processes Empowered!
The SalesTim Platform

Collaborative Processes, Tailored for you

Any Collaboration Need

No more time wasted. SalesTim will help you with Microsoft Teams creation automation, all connected to LOB Apps!

  • Your own tailored Microsoft Teams Teams Catalog
  • Build any template supporting any collaboration need
  • Download the app in one click and use it easily

Collaborative Processes, Tailored for you

Collaboration Efficiency For Sales

No more friction, SalesTim for Salesforce breaks down organizational silos by bridging the gap between Office 365 and Salesforce through Microsoft Teams:

  • Organizes all the information in Microsoft Teams
  • Shares the relevant CRM information to every one who needs it in the company
  • Keeps teams organized around Accounts, Deals and Opportunity created in the CRM

Collaborative Processes, Tailored for you

Microsoft Teams Governance for All

Not only for sales, for all the organization. SalesTim Automation:

  • Keeps your Microsoft Teams environment clean and organized through an approval workflow
  • Detects proactively potential duplicates and enforces naming conventions
  • Brings a ready-to-use corporate teams templates catalog to enforce your policies

Collaborative Processes, Tailored for you

SalesTim is integrated with your everyday working apps!

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