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SalesTim is the Microsoft Teams App that makes collaborative work efficient at Scale, fueled by Collaboration Templates, Teams Governance Policies, and 3rd party app integrations.

Create your own Templates catalog according to different use cases. Teams Templates with copied Channels, Files and Folders, Apps, and much more

Microsoft Teams Governance

Manage Microsoft Teams Governance with Naming Convention, Approval Workflows, Targeting Audience, Permanent Membership, and much more

Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

Integrate any third-party App using SalesTim APIs. For example, automate collaboration on any sales deal with Salesforce and Teams

Teams Templates with Apps

Build the Planner with Tasks and boards with Microsoft Teams Planner. Yammer, SharePoint, Forms, and much more with Microsoft Teams Templates 

Works your everyday Apps!

High Security and Trust

SalesTim has reached a high level of security and compliance that is required for an enterprise-grade app integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Built with Microsoft

Co-Sell ready Partner

Microsoft for Startups Program

M365 App Certification

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Discover how you can improve collaborative processes with Collaboration Template, Teams governance policies, and integration with 3rd party apps