We live in an accelerating world, more and more unpredictable.
To face it, organizations need to transform the way employees work, at scale.

Our mission is to make it happen, make every collaborative tasks possible at scale in organizations, make sure everyone collaborates in an efficient way, integrated in everyday apps used at work.

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About SalesTim

How We Started

This picture was taken at the very first day of the venture in eraly 2019! We started a focus around Sales Productivity, integrating Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. After many feebacks from customers and partners, we realized that there is a strong pain in Collaborative Processes around Account Management and Deal Collaboration. And as we’re focusing on Collaboration, we needed to go beyond sales.

About SalesTim

What we do

Our mission to make more efficient every Collaborative Process in the Organization. We let organization to build any Microsoft Teams Template supporting any collaborative process in an organization. Crisis Management, Deal Collabration, New Recruitment, etc. Possibilities are endless!

About SalesTim

How we’re doing it

We’ve built a technology to make it possible at scale in organizations, enterprise grade and Microsoft 365 ready.
We created one of the very first Saas App fully operating around Microsoft Teams, leveraging deeply the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Graph APIs.

About SalesTim

Supported by Microsoft

Salestim has been selected among the 3 best Microsoft Teams experience in the world at the Microsoft Inspire 2019 conference in las Vegas. We’re supported by Microsoft and work closely with engineering to shape the best product for customers.

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Microsoft for Startups

Now SalesTim is a part of Microsoft Startups Program. It means that SalesTim with thousands of other startups is developing the business with strong support from Microsoft. We are able to scale to a millions of Microsoft Users

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft IP Co-Sell Program

Today, we’re a part of Microsoft co-sell program.Thus, SalesTim app is in Microsoft Azure MarketPlace. We are ready to connect and collaborate with innovative partners and support our customers

Microsoft IP Co-Sell Program

Who We Are

Meet the team working to make all this happen.

Guillaume Meyer
Guillaume Meyer Co-Founder

Alexandre Cipriani
Alexandre Cipriani Co-Founder

Taher Ibnamer
Taher Ibnamer Business Developer Executive

Karina Zubova
Karina Zubova Content Marketing Manager