Microsoft Teams with Outlook: How to Use Them Together to Improve Your Email Conversations Routine

Today we are witnessing a global transformation of our way of working.  We carry out projects, interact with clients, and work on new products together with colleagues.  Increasingly, you can hear about the importance of teamwork and blurring the lines between superiors and subordinates.  This also applies when we work together to improve productivity and achieve common goals.  In this article, we will talk about the ideal integration of applications created for collaborative work: Microsoft Teams and Outlook. 

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How to Use Microsoft Teams for Sales Management

Salespeople are some of the most critical team members in an organization in terms of efficiency. The more complex the selling process is, the more people it involves. Hence, the more challenging it is to stay competitive on the market. While there are numerous apps that help make sales processes efficient, there’s an untapped efficiency improvement. A proper organization and governance of collaboration work are key. Therefore, many companies have already started using Microsoft Teams for sales management.

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Bid Management with Microsoft Teams – Effective management from daily planning to mitigation strategy

Nowadays, a Bid Manager is a person who should be focused on many operations that impact a business. During the work, they can use many tools to perform effective Bid Management. In this article, we will tell you about Microsoft Teams – one of the most useful tool for collaborative work and how it can help you to meet project goals and implement powerful teamwork management.

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Microsoft Teams Private Channels: Details, Challenges and Governance with Templates

We are working in a collaborative world, using many tools and software. With Microsoft Teams you can create teams according to your projects, organizational structure, or any use cases. But what if you need to collaborate on private and sensitive assets? With Private Channels in Microsoft Teams, team members can communicate on critical topics with an additional layer of security.

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How to Use Microsoft Teams: a Complete List of 30+ Use Cases

More than 75 million people are now using Microsoft Teams daily. This app lets you improve teamwork in your organization like nothing else. With Microsoft Teams you’re able to collaborate and communicate with different teams at the same time.

We’re seeing many different Microsoft Teams collaboration scenarios from our customers and partners. Our mission is to improve collaborative processes efficiency at scale in organizations. Therefore, we would like to share different Microsoft Teams use cases to help you improve collaboration in your company.

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Microsoft Teams Naming Convention: a Complete List of Ways to Improve Your Naming Strategy

A naming convention is a specific agreed algorithm that allows you to name entities in an orderly way. It started with the Romans’ first nomenclature system and a combination of a personal and family name. Today, we meet it everywhere: each of us has a name, we know about product naming convention, we see this system in the scientific field and many other areas. It has passed centuries before becoming a major concern regarding Microsoft Teams, and broadly collaboration software when they’re pushed at scale in the organization.

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Online Webinar: Managing a Project Using Microsoft Teams? The Secret Sauce with Templates

As project managers we always struggle in setting up the space where everyone could collaborate. Plus at the organization level, there are guidelines, but collaborating around projects is always a challenge.

Our team is working to improve your collaboration process with Microsoft Teams. Thus, we invite you to join our online Webinar around the best practices to perform Project Management with Microsoft Teams. 

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How to Use Microsoft Teams- List of Free Resources

This article is dedicated to training resources around the use of Microsoft Teams. Let’s talk about who can benefit from this list of resources.

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Project Management with Microsoft Teams: a Great Tool for Your Business

Today project management is an essential process in any organization. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced manager or you’re just starting your career. Either way, in this article you will learn how you can succeed in project management with Microsoft Teams. It will also be useful for anyone who is interested in a proactive and successful work style.

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