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AI for sales

Artificial Intelligence for Sales: A Win-Win Combination

Artificial Intelligence or AI has come a long way since its inception. During its initial years, it was merely a technological buzzword that only seemed real. There were no major applications impacting our day to day lives. However, AI has grown out of its infant phase and now has become a notable power that drives all industries. For sales people this will a winning combination, here is why !

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10 Linkedin InMail Tricks to Close More Deals

Over the years LinkedIn has become one of the most used and common modes of social interaction. A simple social media platform like LinkedIn, allows you to get in touch with anyone and everyone across the globe. Here are 10 tips to make sure that you use InMail in an efficient way as a Sales Professional.

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AI Tools

AI for Salespeople, 12 Apps you can use today!

AI is everywhere, and it will change the way all people work. Including that sales, will be one of the area that will be most impacted. And it has already started.
In this article you’ll find all the AI Sales Assistant that will help you to achieve more as a Sales Executive or a Sales Manager.

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