Remote Working Pros and Cons

In the past year remote work has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone you know is probably working remotely: they either do it full-time, or take a hybrid approach appearing in the office every now and then. Some employers can’t wait to go back to old office practices while others found that their teams are as effective, or perhaps even more so, when working from home.

As the majority of companies these days are experimenting with remote working, we’ve decided to build a series of articles on this subject to help our readers better adjust to the new realities.

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How to Use Microsoft Teams for Educational Institutions

One cannot overestimate the importance of the education industry. It is providing the talent that will contribute to the development of other industries and therefore the economy as a whole. As any other industry, it’s actively evolving, changing the way it operates and integrates technology into each of its sectors. New ways of delivering knowledge have started to gain more popularity recently due to the Covid-19 outbreak, forcing many educational institutions to switch to online learning and administrating.  

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Microsoft Teams Best Practices for Being a Great Team Player

Your organization just switched to Microsoft Teams and you’re trying to figure out how to use it to the fullest by learning best practices? Or maybe you’re already comfortable with Teams but still haven’t explored all of its numerous capabilities? The truth is, Microsoft Teams engineering team is constantly upgrading the app, so there will always be something new to learn. But that’s the beauty of the  technology, isn’t it?  

Let us share with you some of the best practices of using Microsoft Teams (so far!) that will help you become a great Teams player😊 

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SharePoint with Microsoft Teams: Practical Information Management

We’ve all worked with intranets and with SharePoint. SharePoint offers great capabilities in terms of structured collaboration and information management at scale. As a part of Microsoft products, SharePoint allows you to integrate many different software that you usually use in your daily work. In this article we will talk about SharePoint features and its integration with Microsoft Teams and other software.


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How Microsoft Teams Can Improve Collaboration in Healthcare Organizations: Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day due to increasing demand for its services and products. Urbanization, opening of new markets, growing ageing population and increased number of new diseases make the industry thrive. In fact, it’s one of the few industries that saw growing profits during the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic.

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Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practices: Top 15 Points to Consider

The number of companies that are now adopting Microsoft Teams to improve communication and collaboration in their organization is increasing faster than ever! Establishing the right governance policies becomes a hot topic as it will determine how the organization functions internally. Today we will share with you the top Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practices that will let your organization get the best out of Microsoft Teams. Let’s go!

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Planner with Microsoft Teams: Everything You Should Know about Effective Integration

Many of us perform dozens of tasks every workday. To avoid getting lost in the chaos, we plan, organize, and structure our daily work.  The simplest version of the latter is the compilation of to-do lists in order to create a holistic planning picture.  The days of post-it notes on the monitor and paper notebook are long gone.  Today, there’s a lot of convenient software that allows you to improve productivity and not to forget about important things, meetings, and tasks. In this article, we’ll talk about the Planner and its ideal collaboration with Microsoft Teams – tools that allow you to work in a collaborative world. 

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How to Use Microsoft Teams in Business Consulting

Business consulting is one of the most sought-after business services these days. And no wonder – consulting firms support their clients in a wide range of activities: from defining their business model, opening new markets and innovating existing products to recruiting professionals and adopting new technology in the workplace. This is why even when the world economy is facing a crisis, consulting services stay in demand, serving as a life-vest that will help companies stay afloat.

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CRM and Office 365 Integration: Salesforce with Microsoft Teams

The reputation of your company, your position in comparison with competitors, and, ultimately, your profits depend on the effectiveness and results of sales managers. There are hundreds of software products out there today that promise you more sales. This is what is promising Salesforce, the leading CRM out there in the market.  In the meantime, in the last months given the situation, Microsoft Teams is getting more and more used toward communication and collaboration. Learn how to improve your sales process with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration.

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Microsoft Teams Templates: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Teams is an incredible tool for efficient internal communication. It allows people to easily engage in conversations, organize audio and video calls and collaborate on different tasks. However, some organizations struggle with Microsoft Teams governance and deployment once their employees start using the tool for their daily tasks and actively create new teams, causing teams sprawl. Luckily, Teams can help you address these common challenges!

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