How to use Microsft Teams: the Complete list of 30+ Use Cases

More than 75 million people are now using Microsoft Teams daily. This App lets you improve teamwork in an organization like nothing. With Microsoft Teams you’re able to collaborate with your different teams and able to communicate with them. As our mission is to improve collaborative processes efficiency at scale in organizations, we’re seeing many different Microsoft teams collaboration scenarios from our customers and partners. We wanted to share them.

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Microsoft Teams Naming Convention: a complete list of possibilities to improve your naming strategy

The naming convention is a specific agreed algorithm to name entities so that everything is in order. It started with the Romans’ first nomenclature system and a combination of the personal and family name. Today, we meet it everywhere: each of us has a name, we know about product naming convention, we see this system in the science sphere, etc. It has passed centuries to be a major concern regarding Microsoft Teams, and broadly collaboration software when they’re pushed at scale in the organization.

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How to use Microsoft Teams- List of Free Resources

This article is dedicated to training resources around Microsoft Teams using. Let’s talk, to whom this list of resources can be helpful? 

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Project management with Microsoft Teams: a great tool for your business

Today project management is an essential process in each organization. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced manager or you’re looking for new job opportunities. Anyway, this article will be useful for people who are interested in a proactive and successful work style.

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How Can MS Teams Be Useful for Your Companys’ Marketing Department

Brand awareness and client engagement are two important pillars on which a business stands. In order to spread the word about your product or service, using marketing techniques is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are numerous aspects of a marketing department, that need to be followed up continuously while working. This can take its toll on your employees. Read more