SalesTim Product Update #2

For the last few months, we’ve been busy shaping a product that meets our customers’ needs and that both our customers and partners will love!

After having deployed Salestim in more than 100 Office 365 Tenants and receiving several hundreds of feedback on our product and what is needed, we decided to shape a slightly different product. Read more

SalesTim and Elior Supercharge Microsoft Inspire on main stage 🚀🚀🚀

Microsoft has a huge ecosystem, with more than 64 000 partners all over the world, it makes the biggest in the world. The business driven by Microsoft for partners is significative at more than 9$ billion for cloud activities last fiscal year and it’s increasing so fast! Microsoft Inspire gathers thousands of partners from 130 countries in Las Vegas this week. Read more

Salestim new Mothership: Station F!

SalesTim has been selected to join one of the core Station F program: The Founders Program. Selected by a board of more 100 Entrepreneurs from 21 different countries, we’re very humbled having been chosen in joining the program, by successful entrepreneurs.

Read more