Collaboration Templates

With Files and Folders

Once you run a new project, sales deal, or product launch, get a pre-built collaborative workspace with:

construction site template - files

What Does It Include?

File Templates

Provide your team with a pre-built workspace created for each new project, sales deal, product launch, campaign, etc. In addition to the same structure, you will get file templates, no matter if it’s a contract template, proposal examples, report spreadsheet, and so on.

Folder Structure

Organize your digital workspace and reduce the time spent on file searching with a pre-built folder structure. In this way your team will know exactly where to store contracts, sales documentation, reports, and so on.

Doc Libraries

Once a new project starts, your project management team will have a structured workspace with a document library and all essential content – project guidelines, best practices, tutorials, etc.

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How Does It Look Like?

Teams Collaboration Templates with file

File Templates

Get collaborative workspaces created with file, presentation, sales pitch, email, report templates, and so on. 

Folder Structure

Create a collaborative workspace with folder structure and standardize your document sharing process.  

templates with folders
sharepoint library templates

Doc Libraries

Create teams that already include all essential content, including execution playbooks, guidelines, codes of practice, etc. 

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