Collaboration Templates

With Pre-built Tasks

Make sure your team knows exactly what to do once a new project, sales deal or new site starts. Provide your colleagues with collaborative workspaces with a pre-built set of tasks.

Teams Collaboration Templates with tasks

Why Collaboration Templates with Tasks?

Launch new projects quickly

Reduce the time spent on creating new collaborative workspace and launch each new project quickly. Instead of manual creation of the workspace with the right structure, content, and a set of tasks, allow automation to do it for you with Collaboration Templates.

Templatize your processes

Streamline your workflows and build a set of tasks just once for every repetitive process. Once a new project, sales deal, campaign or product launch starts, get a pre-built workspace with all essential content and a set of tasks in a few clicks.

Boost your team productivity

In today's multitasking mode, it’s easy to miss some important elements of the job we need to do. With Collaboration Templates with pre-built set of tasks your team members will know exactly what they should do next. Moreover, you can restrict your colleagues from creating tasks that don’t provide details and guidelines.

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Project Management

Automatically create customized teams for each new project. Include pre-built project tasks and get your team started straight away.

Crisis Management

In times of crisis, it’s important to react immediately. Address any crisis with pre-built action plans and Collaboration Templates.

construction site - planner template

Construction Site

Get structured workspaces for each of your construction sites and provide your employees with a standard set of tasks.

Account Management

Get the same level of execution from one account to another. Build strong relationships with customers and templatize your communication with key accounts. 


New Store Opening

Simplify your store chain management and set up a structure with daily activities. Get the same workspaces created for each new store with a pre-built set of tasks. 

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