Brand awareness and client engagement are two important pillars on which a business stands. In order to spread the word about your product or service, using marketing techniques is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are numerous aspects of a marketing department, that need to be followed up continuously while working. This can take its toll on your employees.

An easy way to collaborate with your co-workers and discuss future strategies is with the help of MS Teams. It is a dedicated work environment created for organizations. Here different departments of a company can communicate either with each other or within their respective channels. 

Below is an insightful article on why using MS Teams is a good idea for your companys’ marketing department. 

Common collaboration challenges faced by marketing teams

Learning about the challenges that a marketing team faces on a daily basis is the first step in solving the problem. MS Teams have been created keeping these common challenges in mind, so that, they can be overcome easily.

1. Indecisiveness

When a group of people is working together in a department, there is bound to be a difference of opinion. This gives rise to indecisiveness when it comes to important business decisions. This can be sorted by using a common communication platform where everyone can give their inputs.

2. Email-fails

Another problem that is quite evident with marketing teams is email-fails. In simple words, the break-in creating a perfect communication chain can lead to bigger problems in the future. By using MS Teams, you will be able to pass on important information through one single platform, to everyone in your department. 

3. Syncing of process

Marketing plans and strategies usually work in stages. Therefore, syncing the process with other people in your group is important. MS Teams allows you to create a well-planned process, so that, everyone knows what needs to be done and when.

4. Getting feedback

When we talk about feedbacks, we are not referring to only customers. Once you float a marketing strategy within your department, it is always a good idea to get feedback on the same from the rest of the group. But this step is usually overlooked, due to the complex communication trail. This is yet another reason for using MS Teams.

5. Dealing with “Negative-Nancy’s”

What do you do with people who continuously turn down your business ideas and have nothing positive to say? We all know one or two such people working in a department. This marketing team challenge can be taken care off by collaborative tools like MS Teams.

6. Market time acceleration

The time it takes from creating a product to delivering it to the customers is also a crucial factor for marketing departments. This can be reduced significantly with the tools and features that MS Teams has to offer.

After reading through some of the common problems faced by marketing departments, its time to see how MS Teams can be utilized by your company. To make it easy for you to understand, we have created a list of tasks that you can be completed using the application. 

Usage illustrations of Microsoft Teams


1. Social Media

Social media planning

MS Teams can be used for planning your social media marketing strategies. You can create a dedicated channel for social media and discuss all the relevant points.

Content collaboration

When it comes to marketing, content is always the king. You can collaborate with your co-team members and create content that is the most effective for your brand.

Content organization in the library

You can even organize your social media content in the MS Teams library. It allows you to see the content that has been posted and others that are scheduled for a future date.


2. Events

Event ideas discussion

A successful marketing event can only be hosted when you do it collaboratively. You can use MS Teams to discuss potential event ideas and strategies. 

Event planning and organizing

Along with idea discussions, you can even share an online event planner or calendar with your team members. It will allow your team members to see which events are coming up and when.

3. Public relations

Brand promotion strategies

Promoting your brand is important if you want to keep your customers engaged. You can strategize about the same using your MS Teams channel.

Crisis management

Managing a crisis is another factor that can be ticked off your list of concerns when it comes to using this collaborative tool. You can discuss in detail how you would handle a crisis in case it ever happens.

Managing and implementing customer feedback

Sharing customer feedback with the rest of your team is important in order to move forward. Moreover, getting it implemented is also a crucial step. It can all be done with the help of your MS Teams channel.

4. Budget

Designing budget models

When you have a budget model in place, it becomes much more convenient to allocate funds and use them precisely. MS Teams gives you a platform to communicate with your co-workers and come up with the best budget strategy.

Analyzing financial information

Another thing that is important for a business is analyzing its financial information. This can include everything from your expenses to the revenue generated based on your marketing activities.

Review budget requests

Official budget requests can be made using MS Teams as a platform. This eliminates the complex communication string that would otherwise be generated through an email.

Implementing budgeting policies

In case there is a new budgeting policy in your organization, then you can inform the rest of the crew with the help of this single platform.

5. Marketing Planning 

Marketing activities yearly and quarterly planning

Marketing activities are never planned one at a time. They are usually done in batches for a quarter part or the entire year. Your team can keep an eye on such activities with the help of this channel easily.

Quarterly reviews 

You can use your MS Teams channel to collect reviews and analyze them after regular intervals.

Sharing different product launch plan 

Sharing information with the entire company can be difficult even through emails. But when it comes to MS Teams you can share details like product launch plans instantly.

6. Market Watch Channel

Discussing trends and competition

A market watch channel can be created by your department to discuss the latest trends and keep track of them. This will allow your marketing department to come up with effective strategies in the future.

Searching a new marketing tool

Here you can even search for new marketing tools and share it with the rest of your group members using MS Teams.

Coordinating marketing strategies 

Coordination of marketing strategies becomes much more easy when you communicate through a channel like MS Teams.

7. Campaigns

Campaign planning discussion

Before you can launch a marketing campaign, you need to plan it thoroughly. It includes everything from discussing the first draft of the campaign to designing it. You can do it al with your MS Teams channel.

Assigning campaign duties

If you want to allocate duties regarding your marketing campaign, then your life can be made easy with MS Teams. You can have a dedicated channel for campaigns that looks after all your communications.

Tracking campaign progress

You can even use this platform for tracking campaign progress regularly. You can see which campaign is working well with the viewers and the ones that are not. 

8. Press Media

Planning press releases

Your marketing team also needs to handle press releases. If you want help and views of your entire group on a press release, then you can plan the same using MS Teams

Content creation for briefing

You can use the platform for creating content for press briefing as well. You can directly create word documents in MS Teams to keep everything in one place.

Assigning content projects

Even if you want to assign content projects to another team member or guests, you can do so using this platform anytime. It will allow you to keep track of the assigning date as well as the deadline.

9. Team Meetings

Scheduling interdepartmental meetings

You can schedule virtual meetings on this platform quite conveniently. It gives your chance to connect through audio and visual modes within your group. 

Coordinating multi-department meetings

If you want to connect with other departments of your company for a quick meeting, then too it is possible with MS Teams. You can schedule the meeting and invite people to join the same.

Narrowing down meeting criteria

Discussing the meeting criteria and keeping a list of the same becomes much easier when you are using the same platform for everything.

10. Team Life & Fun


Discussing team goals

Who says there cannot be a casual conversation between members of your marketing department? You can discuss things like team goals and personal progress.

Planning casual team events

Keeping up the morale of your group becomes easy by indulging in casual events. You can organize team activities that are fun can help you take a break from your busy work life.

11. People & Management

Communicating with the management

Getting in touch with the management of your company is always difficult. Since there is a hierarchy to follow. With MS Teams, you will be able to communicate with the management conveniently.

Coordinating with other team heads

You can even use the platform to coordinate with team leads or department managers. 

Apps that can be connected & used by your marketing department

In order to facilitate your departments’ experience of using MS Teams, you can also connect it with a number of different applications. These can be anything from project management apps to social media channels. Here is a small list!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Assistant @
  • Forms
  • Calendar BOT
  • Flow
  • Egnyte
  • Emojify
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Hootsuite 
  • Mailclark

Since now you know how using MS Teams can be a game-changer for your marketing department, get in touch with us at SalesTim. We will give you an idea of how we can assist you further by being your perfect virtual business assistant.

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