Yes, I know… Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool that will really improve your company’s productivity, and best of all, it’s included in your Office 365 subscriptions.

But here at SalesTim, we also know that you struggle to find the right balance between an attractive “self-service” model, and a reassuring “managed-service” model:

  • Too much freedom and as an IT Pro, you know that it will soon be the wild west, with a lot of mess in your Teams environment…
  • Too tight control and you take the risk to slow-down or even kill adoption, facing the consequences with your business sponsors…

Therefore without an off-the-shelf solution, you probably locked-down teams creation for end-users, forcing them to request it through your helpdesk platform… and of course, you’re probably starting to consider to add some kind of automation through PowerShell or Microsoft Flow to mitigate this rigid process 😉

That’s exactly why we’ve designed SalesTim Automation!

At a glance

SalesTim Automation automates provisioning, management & lifecycle of Microsoft Teams, through an easy to use Teams app and a corporate catalog of teams templates.

With SalesTim Automation, you can implement an extensible Microsoft Teams governance strategy that:

  • empowers your users
  • is easy to maintain
  • scales as your Teams usage grows

Your own corporate service catalog for Microsoft Teams

Empower end users with self-service Teams provisioning, management, and lifecycle operations. Transcend rigid provisioning or security solutions with user-driven teams templates from your own corporate catalog, for instance:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Internal Communication Project
  • Call for Tender
  • R&D Project
  • IT Project


Accessible right from their personal Teams apps, your business users can request the creation of a new team, it’s easy as 1-2-3:

Choose a template, team name and members… Voila, done!

Yes, they don’t even need to have permission to create a group or a team!

Once submitted (or once approved if you’ve enabled an approval process), the new team is automatically provisioned with all the features coming from your template:

  • Channels
  • Owners and members
  • Apps and Tabs (Including Websites, Planner tasks…)

Governance & security Automation

In addition to these business features, SalesTim Automation templates have associated IT policies, to enforce your governance rules:

  • Team naming convention (Prefix and Suffix based on user profile, forbidden words, email address…)
  • Approval mode: Enable approval workflow to delegate requests validation to your departments business users
  • Privacy and compliance: Automatically apply classification labels to your teams
  • Security: Enforce the presence of permanent teams owners and members
  • Adoption: Automatically send tailored training material or tips and tricks to new teams owners

Work smarter by packaging repetitive tasks into services!

Be up and running in minutes!

SalesTim Automation is a SaaS application, 100% hosted in Microsoft Azure. No install, no servers, nada. Updates automatically so you’ll always support the latest Microsoft Teams features.

Forget PowerShell and complex Microsoft Flows that your IT department would have to maintain to keep up with the fast-paced Microsoft release lifecycle!

Learn more about SalesTim Automation

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