Construction Industry

With Microsoft Teams

Meet the Deadlines, Share Documentation, Communicate in real-time and improve your Collaboration with SalesTim

Why Microsoft Teams?

Learn how Microsoft Teams can help you with Management Consulting 
Workspace for Effective Collaboration

Build an ideal workspace to collaborate with teammates, customers, and experts. Share files, set up online meetings, etc.  

Meeting Deadlines and Tasks Management

Meet deadlines and perform an effective tasks management. Build Planner with Teams Templates and scale it across all processes 

Quick Adoption to Any Changes

Connect different tools and apps to forecast market conditions. Quickly react on any changes with Crisis Management Template, etc.

Construction Site

Teams app to connect with the onsite workers with a dedicated channel. The respected task is assigned with a proper planner to set naming convention, approval workflow, and auto-provisioning

Collaborate on Deals

One single platform to share all documents concerning the deal which can be accessed by all individuals. Proper communication between the stakeholders and project managers is achieved

Crisis Management

Manage a Crisis in an efficient way at scale. One single platform channel for all data sharing. Helps reduce the cost of the project as there is no repetitive task and planning

How does it work?

Construction Site Templates

Don’t waste your time with Microsoft Teams Construction Site Templates. Create the teams for each of your new construction deal from your own Templates Catalog

Templates with Apps

Customize your workspace and include different Apps right into your Templates. Add ready to go Planner to meet the deadlines, build the communities for sharing documentation with Yammer


Governance Policies

During the new Template creation, manage Governance Policies with dynamic Naming Convention to name the teams depending on the location, Permanent Membership, Audience Targeting, Security Policies, and much more

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