Finance and Insurance

With Microsoft Teams

Collaborate effectively on high-secured deals, share any documents, and automate workflows with Microsoft Teams Templates

Why Microsoft Teams?

Learn how Microsoft Teams can help Finance and Insurance Industries
Secured Workspace for Collaboration

Build an ideal workspace to collaborate with teammates, customers, and experts. Microsoft Teams follows the security best practices and procedures

High-Quality Service Provision

Improve your customers relationships with improved data analysis and personal support through Guest Access, Private Channels, and more

Effective Document Management

Share documentation and high-secured files with SharePoint Library, Files Cloning with Teams Templates, and more. And work on any docs in the real-time

Teams Templates

Create your own Teams Templates Catalog and create dozens of fully-provisioned teams. Standard and Private Channels, Tabs with Apps, Files cloning, etc. Read more

Governance Policies

During Templates creation manage Governance Policies. Fixed and Dynamic Naming Convention, Permanent Membership, Approval Workflows, and much more. Explore now

Manage Private Channels

Share sensitive documentation through Private Channels. Manage Private Channels with default private channel owners, creation off by default, and more. Learn more   


Files Cloning

Create Teams Templates with Files and Folders. Upload all guidelines, codes of practice, contract templates, etc. It will be copied to a newly created team. Read more

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Discover how you can improve collaborative processes with Collaboration Template, Teams governance policies, and integration with 3rd party apps