Manufacturing and Engineering

With Microsoft Teams

Research and develop tools, processes, technologies, and more with Microsoft Teams Templates, Automation Technologies, and more

Why Microsoft Teams?

Learn how Microsoft Teams can help you with Manufacturing and Engineering 
Build an Ideal Collaborative Workspace

Improve your collaboration across the whole organization. Build different teams, add colleagues, external agents, and collaborate on any process

Track any Issues and Changes

Quickly react on any changes and issues during your work process. Start conversations, connect any App, share documentation, and much more

Automate Work Processes and Grow Fast

Forget about manual tasks and automate processes with AI software, Microsoft Teams Templates, and APIs connection with SalesTim  

Teams from Templates

Build your Own Teams Templates catalog depending on different use cases, organizational departments, work processes, and more 


Templates with Apps

Connect any Microsoft or 3rd party App right to your Teams Environment at the Template Level. Planner, Microsoft Lists, Forms, Power BI, and much more 

Governance Policies

Manage Naming Convention, Security Polices, Permanent Membership, and much more. Perform strong Teams Governance Policies without charge on IT 


Files Cloning

Upload files and folders to the original team just once. Templates, Guidelines, Codes of practice, and more. They will be automatically copied to a newly created team

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Discover how you can improve collaborative processes with Collaboration Template, Teams governance policies, and integration with 3rd party apps