Governance Policies

with Microsoft Teams Template

Learn how to drive both Microsoft Teams adoption and strong data governance with a naming convention, approval workflows, permanent membership, etc.

Learn how does Microsoft Teams Governance work with SalesTim 

Create a Microsoft Teams Template

Choose the original team on which you will base your template. Add channels, tabs with apps, files and folders, etc.

Manage Governance Policies

Set up governance rules such as Naming convention, Approval workflows, Permanent membership, and more.

Get Unique Teams Environment

Get teams created from your own template catalog with the right names, permanent owners and members, security settings, etc.

Teams Governance


Naming Convention

Improve your naming strategy for all teams created in your organization. Manage the team name, description, and welcome message with Azure AD and custom attributes. Read more 

Approval Workflow

Enforce your team creation process with additional approval creation. Choose any person in your organization and delegate an approval. They will get a notification each time someone submits a team creation request from the template. Read more 


Audience Targeting

Define who can use your templates with audience targeting. Just set up the targeting rules based on the Azure AD or custom attributes and give specific users access to your templates. Read more 

Permanent Membership

Automatically add the right people into each team created from the template. Manage membership policies and choose permanent owners and members. Read more 

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Security Setup

 Enforce future teams’ privacy by choosing between public or private privacy option and add the mandatory number of owners and members. Read more 

Private Channels Management

Get teams provisioned with several private channels, including default owners and pre-configured tabs. Manage private channel owners, creation off by default, etc. Read more 

Role-Based Access

Manage Teams template creation with Role-Based Access Control. Assign specific people to manage templates and integrations. Read more

Sensitivity Labels

Manage sensitivity labels during the template creation and ensure your team’s privacy and security. Set up your own sensitivity labels from the admin center

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