Microsoft Teams Approval Workflows

For each Microsoft Teams Template set up an individual approval workflow, delegate approval to any person in the organization, talk to a requester, etc.

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Microsoft Teams Approval Workflows

How the Approval Workflows

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Business and IT needs

I gave the rights for managers in our company to create the teams using my own Microsoft Teams Templates. At the same time, I would like to control this process.
Patrick Morgan
Business issues
It would be ideal for me, if each team creation will be possible after my approve.I am responsible for organizational structure. We have more than 1000 workers!
Liz Lemon
IT Department

SalesTim Solution

How does it work?

While creating your new Template, you are able to set up additional Approval Workflow. it means that any person in your organization, who wants to build the Team from your own Template, must request your approve


Make sure that your work environment is organized and structured


By adding the additional approval, you protect your organizational Privacy policies and Data

How does it work?

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