Approval Workflows

Microsoft Teams Template

For each Microsoft Teams Template set up an individual approval workflow, delegate approval to any person in the organization, talk to a requester, etc
1. Create an Original Team

Create the Original Team just once. Add Standard and Private Channels, Upload Files, Add Tabs with Apps

2. Build the Template

Build the Template from the Original Team. Everything will be copied. In addition, set up Governance Policies

3. Add Approval Workflow

Enable the Approval Workflow and decide who will receive the email when someone decide to use the particular template 

SalesTim Solution


Approval Workflow

While creating your new Template, you are able to set up additional Approval Workflow. it means that any person in your organization, who wants to build the Team from your own Template, must request your approve

Actionable Messages Outlook

The Approver will get the actionable message with all needed information. He will be able to approve or  to reject the request and leave a comment right from the Outlook 


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