Delegate Administration

Microsoft Teams

Manage Teams template creation with role-based access control. Easily define who can manage templates and integrations as well as learn how to delegate administration in Microsoft Teams.

Delegate Administration
Microsoft Teams

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables
Microsoft 365 global Administrators to define permissions

Go to SalesTim Settings Tab

As a Global Admin, go to the SalesTim settings tab and restrict access to specific groups of users. Read more about role-based access control

Define Templates Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager can create, update and delete templates from your corporate catalog. Select up to 50 catalog managers

Define Integration Managers

Integration Manager can create, update and delete webhooks ad configure connected apps. Select up to 50 integration managers

Roles and Profiles

Feature End-Users Catalog managers Integration manager Teams service admin Global admin
Home - View teams you're a member of from the homepage
New team - Create a new team based on a template
Approval - Approve / Reject a team creation request
Templates Catalog - Create / Update / Delete team templates, define their content, select their approvers, define their audience targeting and select a governance policy
Integration - Manage platform's webhooks and external connected apps integration settings
Governance policies - Define global governance policies available from the template catalog, including security and compliance rules
Settings - Manage service credentials and other platform's system configuration
Audit trails - View company-wide and user-level audit trails
Roles management - Assign roles to specific users
Learn how to delegate administration in Microsoft Teams

Learn more about
Microsoft Teams governance

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