Microsoft Teams Naming Convention

Based on the Microsoft Teams Template, set up a Naming Convention that makes sense regarding each use case, dynamically use Azure AD profile fields, etc.

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Microsoft Teams Naming Convention

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Different Business issues

I manage the new store opening process. For me it’s important to divide my teams according to geographic location. Is it possible to automate this process?
Anna Bennet
Business Department
I’m thinking about IT features in field of Microsoft Teams Naming Convention. Is it possible to manage Dynamic Naming Convention with Azure AD attribution?
Floyd Lee
IT Department

Microsoft Teams Naming Convention
by Salestim

Naming convention on
Template level

Fixed Prefix and Suffix
to solve your business issues

Dynamic Naming Convention
with Azure AD

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Naming Convention with Teams


What for?

Team Name

Manage Naming Convention and set up automated rules for each of your Microsoft Teams Template. Explore different scenarios with Static, Dynamic and Conditional Naming Convention.

Office 365 Group e-mail

Use all features from alliance with Office 365. For instance, change automatically created Microsoft Teams email for users according to your needs

Team Description

Let’s you to add a description around the Team or the Business Solution. This let’s the team collaborate around the Business solution. Location, creator name, job role or job title can also be well defined. Moreover, it helps your users identify the function of the team, members and geographic region.

Welcome message

This lets you add a welcome message which you want the whole team to see. This message will be predefined and will be shown automatically when the team is created.

How it Works

Fixed Prefix / Suffix

Automated naming convention process for each of your Templates with SalesTim. This technology works with fixed Suffix and Prefix. Add country as a suffix to team, project name, business solution, and many more

How it Works

Azure AD Attributes

SalesTim technology works based on your Users Azure AD Data. You can use all data, from geo to preferred language. At the same time, be sure in your team security. Manage Dynamic Naming convention with Azure AD and SalesTim

How it Works

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