Naming Convention

Microsoft Teams

Set up team naming rules that make sense for your specific scenarios. Structure your Microsoft Teams environment and create new teams from the templates with the right names.

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Microsoft Teams Naming Convention
by SalesTim

Naming convention with Microsoft Teams templates

Fixed Prefix and Suffix to answer your business needs

Dynamic Naming convention with Azure AD

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Naming Convention with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
Naming Convention

What for?

microsoft teams naming convention

Team Name

Your teams will have a similar naming structure for easier navigation and better understanding of the teams’ purpose. Read more

Office 365 Group Email

Use all features from the alliance with Office 365. This way, you can change automatically created Microsoft Teams email for users according to your needs. Read more

microsoft teams naming convention

Team Description

All teams created from the template will contain a customized team description. You can add the team’s creator name or job title, define the location, and add other attributesRead more

Welcome Message

Add a welcome message for the whole team to see. This message will be pre-defined and shown automatically when a new team is created from the template. Read more

microsoft teams naming convention

How does it work?


Fixed Prefix / Suffix

SalesTim technology works with fixed Suffix and Prefix. During the template creation, add any data as a suffix or prefixIt will be added automatically to new teams created from the template. Read more

Azure AD Attributes

You can add various elements to your team names, such as data from your own Azure AD. That can be geolocation, preferred language, job title, etc. Capabilities are endless! Read more


Custom Attributes

Expand Naming convention capabilities and add any Custom attributes from your Active Directory. Add your internal Department ID, security group, and so on depending on your use case. Read more

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