Membership Policies

Microsoft Teams Template

Automate your membership process by adding Permanent Owners and Members. They will be added in a few seconds after a new team is created from your Template. Learn more about Microsoft Teams Permanent Membership
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How Does Membership
Policy Work?

Explore Microsoft Teams governance policies by SalesTim.

Create Once an Original Team

Create an original team just once. Add standard and private channels, customize tabs with apps, and upload files and folders

Build a Microsoft Teams Template

Build the template from the original team. Be sure, everything will be copied. Manage governance policies during template creation 

Manage Membership Policy

During template creation add permanent Owners and Members. If needed, set up the mandatory number of Owners and Users. 

SalesTim Solution


Permanent Membership

Users can be added systematically: whether as an owner or a member using this template. Choose any person in your organization. Read more about Microsoft Teams Permanent Membership 

SalesTim Automation

These members are permanent. If they are removed by the owner of the team, they will be added again by the Salestim app. Read more 


Mandatory Membership

Add a minimum number of Owners and Members during Templates creation. Make sure to have several owners and members in a newly created team from your Template. Read more

SalesTim Automation

Thus, when someone creates a team from your Template, he will need to add a minimum number of Owners and Members that you’ve set up before. Read more


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