Microsoft Teams Permanent Membership

Automate your membership process by adding Permanent Owners and Members. They will be added in a few seconds after new team is created from your Template.

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Microsoft Teams Permanent Membership

How Microsoft Teams Security Setup

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Business Challenges

I would like to add managers in my Team as the team owners. Also there are some permanent position, but they shouldn’t manage the teams. Is it possible to automate this process for my Template?
Nina Shikoba
Business Department
Managers in our organization can be Team Owners. But there are some confidential teams, where even managers shouldn’t control this process. Can SalesTim solve this problem?
Kamden Kolby
IT Department

SalesTim Solution

Enforce your Security Policies with Permanent Members and Owners. Users in the corporation can be added systematically: whether as an owner or a member using this template. These members are permanent. If they are removed by the owner of the team, they will be added again by the Salestim app.


Permanent Owners and users will be added in a few seconds in a new team created from your Template


Set up strong rules in your organization by adding Privacy Policies. Manage your Membership in each Template

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