Private Channels Governance

Microsoft Teams Template

Private Channels with Teams Template Technology by SalesTim helps you to improve your Collaborative Processes while ensuring privacy

Private Channels with templates by Salestim, ensure privacy without creating collaboration silos

Private Channels Management at Template Level

Default Private Channels Permanent Owners

Private Channels Creation Off by Default

Private Channels

Get a team provisioned with several private channels, including default owners and pre-configured Tabs. Read more 

Private Channels Owners

Make sure several Owners are added by default in private channels. Avoid solo owners. Read more


Creation Off by default

Make sure team members are not allowed to create private channels and are just using private channels created in the template. Read more 

How does it work?

In just 3 quick steps,
create a new Template with Private Channels

1. Create an Original Team

Create the Original Team with relevant Channels. Upload Files and organize Tabs if needed in all the standard channels. Add Private Channels for sharing private information. Read more

2. Build the Template

Create a Template from the Original Team containing private channels. Choose the Template Name and Description. Set up Governance Policies. Read more

3. Start to use it!

Create a new team from the template! Add Owners or member if needed. You’ll get a team created including the private channels! Read more

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