Audience Targeting

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With Microsoft Teams Audience targeting you’re able to define template accessibility for different users. This technology works based on your user profile data from Azure AD.

How Does Audience Targeting
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Create an Original Team

Create an original team just once. Add standard and private channels, customize tabs with apps, and upload files and folders.

Build a Teams Template

Build a template from your original team. Configure governance policies, such as Naming convention, Approval workflows, etc. 

Decide Who Can Use Your Template

Based on Users' Azure AD Data, build targeting rules and decide who can create teams from your Microsoft Teams templates catalog. 

SalesTim Solution



Choose who can use your template, depending on their geolocation. For example, for your New Store opening in Paris, you can enable only managers in Paris to create teams from the template. Read more 

Spoken Language

With the rise of remote work, organizations work with employees from all over the world. Manage your Targeting rules, depending on users’ preferred language. Read more


Different Departments

Create templates for each of your units so that their teams follow the same structure and organization. Read more 

Email Targeting

Easily set up Microsoft Teams Audience targeting by adding Email or Domain setup. Verify who can use your templates depending on different domain names and user emails. Read more 


Custom Attributes

Use Custome Attributes to build your own targeting rules, such as email ship lists, department codes, and much more. In addition, set up targeting rules based on group membership. Read more

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