Opportunity Collaboration

with Microsoft Teams and Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce with Microsoft Teams and manage any Salesforce Records right from Microsoft Teams.

Learn how does Salesforce and Teams collaboration work 

1. Create your own Templates Catalog

Create your own Templates for Opportunities, Accounts, etc. Add your Templates to your own Catalog and allow end-users to create dozens of teams

2. Connect Salesforce with Microsoft Teams

With SalesTim APIs Technology you're able to connect any third party App right to Microsoft Teams environment. Thus, connect Salesforce with Microsoft Teams

3. Improve your collaboration around any sales deal

Automate all processes with SalesTim Templates. Automatically created teams for Opportunities with all key information, editing from Teams, and much more

Collaborate around Opportunities

Improve collaborative processes around sales deals by Salestim for Salesforce technology. Get an automatically created team for new Opportunities with all needed information from Salesforce. Read more

Collaborate with Teams Templates

Create Teams Templates to collaborate on any sales deal. Copied Channels, Tabs with Apps, Files, and more. Read more

Files and Folders Cloning

Improve your document sharing. Files and folders cloning with Microsoft Teams Templates Technology. Read more

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Discover how you can improve collaborative processes with Collaboration Template, Teams governance policies, and integration with 3rd party apps

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