Templates with Apps

Microsoft Teams

Explore SalesTim templates Technology and collaborate efficiently with your usual Apps at the Template Level

Learn how to build Microsoft Teams Templates with your everyday Apps and scale it

1. Create the content

Build Original team with Standard and Private Channels, upload files and folders, and add the Tabs with your everyday Apps

2. Build the Template

Build the Teams Template from your Original Team. Manage Governance Policies and make sure, everything will be copied 

3. Scale it

Each required App will be automatically added in newly created teams. Allow your end-users to create dozens of teams

Planner Template

Use the Planner at Template Level and add tasks automatically to newly created teams. Explore ready to go planner for different use cases. Read more

Forms Template

Easily collect reviews and share results in collaboration with Microsoft Teams Templates. Get the feedback, improve engagement, etc. Read more

Microsoft Yammer

Yammer Template

Improve your team communication at the Template Level, build communities, and share knowledge and news. Read more

SharePoint Template

Create your own Site and add it with Teams Templates. Guidelines, documents library, internal Sites, etc. Read more


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