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Microsoft Teams

Get teams created from templates with pre-configured Planner, Communities, SharePoint sites, and other apps. Build structured Teams environment and improve your collaboration at scale.

How does it work?

Learn how to build Microsoft Teams templates with apps and scale them
Build an Original Team with Pre-configured Tabs

Build an original team just once. Add channels, upload files and folders, and add your everyday apps, such as Planner, Yammer, SharePoint, Forms, Channel Calendar, etc. 

Create a Template Based on the Original Team

Create a template from the original team and add it to your template catalog. Build dozens of templates for any business scenario and structure your environment.

Get Customized Teams Created from the Template

Whenever you need to create a new team just choose the right template. In a few seconds get a team with already included channels, files, and tabs with apps. 

Microsoft Teams
Templates with Apps

Use Cases Examples

Planner Template

Wondering how to improve your task management? Get new teams with an already pre-built set of tasks. Improve your team productivity and keep everything organized with Microsoft Teams templates with Planner. Read more

Forms Template

Easily create polls and questionnaires and share results with Microsoft Teams templates and Forms. Get new teams with a Forms tab to collect project feedbackmeasure employee satisfaction, and share results with colleagues and managers Read more

Microsoft Teams Templates Yammer

Yammer Template

Keep your team aligned with your entire organization by creating teams from the template with the Yammer tab. Follow specific topics, add communities, and allow your future teammates to stay engaged and informed about the company’s news and updates. Read more

SharePoint Template

Create dozens of teams from the template with SharePoint Sites included. Add guidelines, document library, your internal sites, and so on.  Read more


Channel Calendar

Create new teams with the already included Channel Calendar tab. Manage your team’s ad-hoc and recurring meetings, and improve your time management at scale.

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