Microsoft Teams Templates with Forms

Microsoft Teams Templates with Forms

Add a Microsoft Forms tab in a Microsoft Teams Template, collect easily data, and share reports across teams.

Add a Microsoft Forms tab in a Microsoft Teams Template, collect easily data, and share reports across teams.

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Set up quickly

Create a Form

Build a Form add the different questions and informations.

Include in a Team Template

Add a form in a team that serve as an Original Team in a template.

Collect and Share Results

Collect the results from your employees in the different teams created from a template.

The Right Form
In The Right Teams

Include forms in a Microsoft Teams Template, Collect responses from the right team members from the right teams:

Form to collect data from the right teams

Results to be shared in the right teams

Collaboration on the form

The Right Form <br>In The Right Teams

Scenarios for Forms
in Microsoft Teams Templates

Projects Reviews

Create the Forms for your different projects and easily collect your team members reports. Add the questions about project progress, milestones and financial information

<b> Projects Reviews </b>

Sales Reporting

Get the information from the sales reps and simplify personal sales management. Add the questions about Closed Deals, Expected Profit and pay attention on High-Risk Details

<b>Sales Reporting </b>

Employees Feedbacks

Improve your customers experience and set up the strong communication between buyers and Customer Service. Add questions about the quality of your service and product and quickly respond to any changes

<b>Employees Feedbacks </b>

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Construction Site Management

Finish your Projects before the deadline and manage Construction Sites in the real-time. Compare Plan and Fact Date, Manage Budget and Collect Construction Documents.

<b>Construction Site Management </b>

Users Satisfaction

Improve the quality of educational process and build the quizzes for each Class Room. You are able to Verify your students knowledge and Collect feedbacks to develop educational plan.

<b>Users Satisfaction </b>

Sharing Results

Add the new Tab to your Template and collect the responses from your forms. The responses will be automatically shown in a newly created team from your Template. Easily compare it between different teams!

<b>Sharing Results</b>

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