Microsoft Teams Templates with Planner

Microsoft Teams Templates with Planner

Build fully featured Planner Templates, include in Teams Templates Catalog, and scale collaboration in your organization.

Build fully featured Planner Templates, include in Teams Templates Catalog, and scale collaboration in your organization.

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So Effective, So Easy

Explore our Templates Catalog with Planner. In ideal collaboration, it works to simplify your daily activities. Reduce manually activities and structure your workspace

Build a Planner Template

Include in Teams Template

Scale in your Organization

Ready to go Planner

Build fully featured Planner Template, no-code. Get a ready to go Planner with newly created teams including:

Buckets to categorize your tasks

Tasks title

Notes to bring additional information

Check Lists to go in details

Links to tasks

Labels for each task

Ready to go Planner

Explore the scenarios

Project Management

Create the Template with Planner for each of your new projects. Explore different boards:

✔ Planning

✔ Milestones

✔ Next Steps

Just assign the right person and prioritize the tasks

<b>Project Management </b>

Crisis Management

It’s extremely important don’t waist the time during Crisis Management. Reduce your manual activities and use Template with Planner. Here is different topics:

✔ Risk Assessment

✔ Business Impact

✔ Action Plan

Explore different tasks and just add yours, depending on the goals and needs

<b>Crisis Management </b>

Construction Site

Use Charts for effective reviews. Follow daily tasks and deliver the project in time. Use Planner Template with boards:

✔ To Do List

✔ Documentation

✔ Government Impact

Structure your work space and attach needed documentation right to the task.

<b>Construction Site </b>

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New Acquisition

Manage your activities during the new acquisition process. Control documentation, timeline and forecast financial flows. Check the different topics:

✔ Document

✔ Resources

✔ Process

Add the notes and perform the check list in the tasks to avoid miscommunication

<b>New Acquisition </b>

Account Management

Manage your processes with Planner Template and improve experience with your customers. Choose the right team member and assign tasks depending on:

✔ Processes stages

✔ Supporting Documents

✔ Organizational Levels

Add the deadline, thus your team members will have the calendar with prioritized tasks

<b>Account Management </b>

New Store Opening

Simplify your store chain management and set Up the structure with daily activities. Check our ready to go planner with boards:

✔ Preparation

✔ Work

✔ Finalization

make sure, your team members will get the notification when you add a new tasks

<b>New Store Opening </b>

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