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Collaborate effectively on each sales deal with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration. Automatically get teams, manage naming convention, and build the structured workspace
Account Creation from Salesforce - Presentation

Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

key account management Teams template

Collaborate on Accounts

Get automatically created teams for each Salesforce Accounts. Build strong relationships with partners and achieve executive excellence from one deal to another. 

Collaborate on Opportunites

Get teams created from the template for each Salesforce Opportunity. Collaborate with colleagues and close deals successfully. 

sales deal room Teams template

Manage Sales Documents

Access Microsoft Teams documents from the Salesforce. Bring the power of Office 365 files management to Salesforce, Reduce CRM file storage cost, and much more.

Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

How does it work? 

key account management template teams

Step 1.

Create Microsoft Teams Template

Create Microsoft Teams template from the original team just once. Private and standard channels, tabs with apps, pre-built sales tasks, sales docs cloning, permanent members, and more.

Step 2.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

Using SalesTim Integration Tab connect your Salesforce environment right to Microsoft Teams. Explore more about Teams integration

create team from salesforce account

Step 3.

Sync with a team

Choose option sync with a team and get teams created for each new Salesforce Account or Opportunity record. In just a few seconds you will get a team with all content included. 

Step 4.

Sync with a channel

No needs to create an entire team? Then sync with a channel to get automatically created channels when a new record is created in Salesforce. Moreover create a channel for Opportunities into a parent team

Step 5.

Delete or archive teams 

Reduce the number of unused teams and automatically delete or archive teams when the record is deleted in Salesforce. 

Step 6.

Set up additional rules

Use properties from Salesforce to perform any use case. Manage naming convention with dynamic content from Salesforce. Moreover, define when to create teams depending on the record’s data.

Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

Choose your Plan

Teams and Salesforce
  • Automation from CRM Records

  • Data for non Salesforce Users

  • Teams files from SalesForce

  • Premium support

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