Microsoft Yammer

with Microsoft Teams Template

Explore SalesTim Templates Technology to improve your team communication with Yammer
Microsoft Yammer
1. Build Community

Build Yammer Communities according to your organizational needs. Stay informed about any news and topics 

2. Add Yammer to your Template

Add Yammer App right to the Tab into the Original Team and build Microsoft Teams Template

3. Scale it

Develop your social network through each organizational structure with Microsoft Teams Templates Catalog 

Yammer Features

Explore all Yammer Features and learn how to improve this social network at the template level. Follow Topics, communicate through Communities, share information, and stay informed. Read more

Explore Possibilities with SalesTim

Yammer with Templates

With SalesTim you can reach the Community right from Microsoft Teams and make sure, each team gets it. Read more 

Topics Following

Would you like to be informed about the particular topic? With SalesTim you can add the Tab at the Template Level with real-time posts updates around needed themes. Read more

Communities Included

Improve your employees’ engagement and allow each team to follow needed Yammer Communities with the leadership team, Managers, and CEO. Read more 

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