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Teams Channels

Business Channels right to your Teams Template. Not only Standard, but also Private Channels will be copied from your Teams Template 

Planner Template

Track every task assigned to members of your team by using Ready to use Planner. Build Microsoft Planner with Teams Templates 

Guidelines Included

Upload all needed documentation, guidelines and other useful files just ones. Use SharePoint together with Microsoft Teams Templates

Sales Account Management Teams Template

Standard and Private Channels

Automate the process of sales Team creation with Microsoft Teams Template and copied Standard and Private Channels. Read more 

Planner Template

Build strategic account plans and implement them for your sales team. Track every task assigned to members of your team by using our Ready to use Planner. Read more


Guidelines Included

Add your internal tools or website to simplify the daily work of your sales reps. For example, add SharePoint to your Tab with Teams Templates. Read more

Microsoft Teams Governance

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