Sales Deal Room

Microsoft Teams Template

Collaborate efficiently on every deal with a Sales Deal Room Microsoft Teams Template. Moreover, manage your sales with automatically created Channels, Tabs, and Planner

Explore Microsoft Teams Templates Features by SalesTim. Improve your Sales Deal Room Collaboration 

Standard and Private Channels

Include Channels right to your Teams Template. Not only Standard, but also Private Channels will be copied from your Teams Template 

Microsoft Planner Templates

Pre-built Planner with daily boards and tasks is included. Simplify your planning and improve tasks management at scale  with Teams Templates

Project Documentation

Upload all needed documentation, guidelines and other useful files just ones. Be sure, everything will be cloning with Microsoft Teams Templates Technology 

Sales Deal Room Teams Template

Standard and Private Channels

Create your own Microsoft Teams Template and don’t waste your time on repetitive tasks with copied Standard and Private Channels. Read more 

Planner Template

Meet your Team deadlines and set up tasks with Microsoft Teams Planner Template, and improve your tasks management. Read more 

Files and Folders Cloning

Upload your folders and documentation to the Original Team. They will appear in every newly created Team. Read more

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