Files Cloning

with Microsoft Teams Template

Improve your documents sharing with Microsoft Teams Templates Technology. Files and Folders cloning, SharePoint Library, and much more

Explore Microsoft Teams Templates Features by SalesTim. Learn how does files and folders cloning work

1. Create the Original Team

Create the original team just once. Add standard and private channels, tabs with apps, etc. Upload all needed files and folders. 

2. Build the Template

Build the Template from your original team. Manage Governance Policies, such as Naming Convention, Approval Workflows, Targeting Audience etc.

3. Get the fully-provisioned team

In a few seconds get the fully-provisioned team with Channels, Files and Folders, Tabs, settings, and more. Scale it in your organization.


Create Original Team

Create the Original Team with Standard and Private Channels, Tabs, and Settings. Upload all needed files and folders. Next step

Build the Template

Build the Template from your Original Team. Manage Governance Policies during Template creation. Next step 

Get Provisioned Team

Get the fully-provisioned team in a few seconds with copied files and folders, channels, tabs with apps, and much more. Read more

And even more!

SharePoint Library

Build the Teams Template with copied Tabs with Apps. Add SharePoint guidelines, Documents Library, and more. Learn more

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