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Teams creation from a Template
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SalesTim Free
SalesTim Pro
SalesTim CRM
Microsoft Teams Home Page
Home Page for Microsoft Teams
Search for My Team
Teams Creation
Teams creation from a Template with Standard Channels Tabs, Settings
Teams Default Members / Owners
Microsoft Teams Templates Catalog creation
Website Tabs – Configured
Document library with Files and Folders
Forms Tab – Configured
Yammer Tab – Configured
Planner Tab – Configured with Tasks, Description, Buckets, Labels…
Any 3rd Party Tab – Configured
Private Channels in Teams Templates
Private Channels Default Owners
Private Channels Tabs – Configured
Governance Policies
Fixed Microsoft Teams Naming Convention
Microsoft Teams Naming Convention Dynamic (Azure AD Attributes)
1 Step Approval Workflow
Audience Targeting
Enforced Privacy Policy
Make Teams Requester Simple Member Policy
Permanent Owners & Members Policy
CRM integration
Templated teams from accounts or opportunities
Channels provisioning from opportunities
Custom notifications from accounts, opportunities & contacts
Read-only access to CRM Data for non Salesforce Users
Seamless access to Microsoft Teams files from SalesForce
Group membership sync from Salesforce to Microsoft Teams
Enterprise Grade Security
Azure AD only Identy Provider (IdP)
MFA Secured Service Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Book the meeting if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is SalesTim?

SalesTim is the technology that helps you to improve your Microsoft Teams collaboration with Templates and enforced Governance Policies 

Where I can find SalesTim?

You can easily download it in Microsoft Store! (settings work only for Admin Users)

How to try SalesTim for Free?

Just book the meeting with us and try SalesTim for free during 10 days 

What does the price depend on?

Your plan depends on the number of users and your organizational needs

Can I be sure in my Data Security?

SalesTim works with Azure AD and Hybrid Data Model. Your Private Data is safe! 

Other question?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will share our knowledge with you 

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