Salesforce CRM

with Microsoft Teams

Benefit from an enhanced experience of Salesforce Sales Cloud with Microsoft Teams. Explore SalesTim for Salesforce: Create fully provisioned teams per Account in Salesforce, manage your opportunities from Microsoft Teams, manage Teams files right in the Salesforce environment, and much more

SalesTim for Salesforce

Perform business-oriented use cases for
Teams and Salesforce integration

Collaboration around Accounts

Simplify the collaborative work on different deals. Each time when a new Account is created, get a newly created team in Microsoft Teams 

Collaboration around Opportunities

Create an automated team around Opportunities. Moreover, your team members will get notifications when something changes in your Salesforce

Teams Files right from Salesforce

Each time, when someone will upload a new document into your Teams environment, you're able to work on it right from your Salesforce

Collaborate on Accounts

Work together with customers and any colleague across functions. Sync Salesforce Account Team with Microsoft Teams groups. Get non-Salesforce user access CRM Data, etc. Read more 


Collaborate on Opportunities

Bring Salesforce CRM records into Teams to collaborate and close deals. Channels Notifications, Opportunities Updates, Chat with peers around each opportunity, etc. Read more

Manage Documents

Access Teams documents from a Salesforce Opportunity. Bring the power of Office 365 files management to Salesforce, Reduce CRM file storage cost, and much more. Read more


Microsoft Teams and Salesforce,
better together!

Choose your SalesTim for Salesforce Pricing Plan
Teams and Salesforce
  • Automation from CRM Records

  • Data for non Salesforce Users

  • Teams files from SalesForce

  • Premium support

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