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Microsoft Teams Templates

SalesTim Technology offers the solution to improve collaboration with Microsoft Teams. It’s possible to create Microsoft Teams Templates with copied Channels, Tabs, Files, and Settings

Microsoft Teams Governance

During the Templates creation users can set up the Governance Rules such as Naming Convention, Approval Workflows, Targeting Audience, Permanent Membership and much more


SalesTim for Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce accounts, opportunities and contacts to Microsoft Teams. The ability to improve collaboration with document management, cross-functional collaboration and more

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About Us

Something else about the programs which we participate in! 😉

Now SalesTim is a part of the Microsoft Startups Program. It means that SalesTim with thousands of other startups is developing the business with strong support from Microsoft. We are able to scale to millions of Microsoft Users.

Today, we’re a part of the Microsoft co-sell program. Thus, SalesTim app is in Microsoft Azure MarketPlace. We are ready to connect and collaborate with innovative partners and support our customers

SalesTim has been selected to join one of the core Station F program: The Founders Program. Selected by a board of more than 100 Entrepreneurs from 21 different countries, we’re very humbled having been chosen in joining the program, by successful entrepreneurs.

SalesTim technology works based on Users Azure AD Data. It means that all your customers’ data is absolutely protected. Learn more about our product in our Developer Center

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