Webinar – Salesforce and Microsoft Teams Integration

More than 145 million people use Microsoft Teams every day and Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the world. Using both? Then don’t miss our webinar about Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration to boost your collaboration efficiency on sales deals.  


3rd June 2021 – 11:00 AM (EST) Join the Webinar


In fact, sales operations managers may face common challenges, such as:

  • Misalignment of sales process participants from different departments.  
  • The complexity of the sales processes. 
  • Loss of information between different team members, and so on.  

So how to improve your sales execution process from one sale deal to another? How to simplify the work of your salespeople and streamline sales processes at scale? You will have all these questions answered during our webinar on Salesforce and Teams integration. Let us go further into some topics. 

Salesforce and Microsoft Teams integration – basic capabilities  

A Salesforce app for Microsoft Teams gives you the basic capabilities for an effective integration on any Salesforce record. Thus, you can collaborate with your teammates on sales deals even if they don’t have a Salesforce license. During the webinar, we will discuss some basic features, such as:

  • Salesforce records mentioning through team’s conversation and chats. 
  • Adding Salesforce record as a new tab.  
  • Editing records right from Microsoft Teams.  

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Improving your sales collaboration processes at scale – Advanced Salesforce and Teams integration  

We may understand that just mentioning and sharing Salesforce records doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of sales collaboration improvement at scale. You still may wonder how to standardize a way of working on deals, structure your workspace, and reduce time spent on manual tasks performing. Therefore, during the webinar, we will discuss how to integrate a new way of working on deals with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams templates  

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Deal collaboration with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams 

You will learn how to:  

  • Automatically create teams from the Deal Collaboration Template when a new Opportunity is created in Salesforce. 
  • Add a new channel to the parent Account’s team for a new Salesforce Opportunity. 
  • Set up a naming convention to get automatically created teams with the right name.  

Account Collaboration with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams  

Wondering how to improve your key account management and get the same level of execution from one Account to another? Learn how to collaborate on Salesforce Accounts with Key Account Management Teams Template with:  

  • Teams with all content included for each new Account  
  • Automatically created channel if you don’t need an entire team for your new Salesforce Accounts 
  • Team creation depending on Salesforce Account’s industry, annual revenue, close date, and so on.
Account Creation from Salesforce - Presentation

👍 3rd June 2021 – 11:00 AM (EST) Join the Webinar

To conclude, we will discuss how to improve your collaborative way of working across the entire organization during this webinar. You will learn how to manage your business processes in a very structured way with Microsoft Teams templates and integration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with your daily used apps.  

Register to the webinar and be a part of the open discussion about this amazing and changing collaborative way of working. See you soon! 

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